Monday, December 14, 2015

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.

Program : Dick Groff presented a great program  on How to do HF on very little $ “  

Thank you Dick!

Call to Order /Roll Call  

Meeting called to order @ ?? PM. (Sorry, secretary was late) Present were: KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DN Katherine Mead, Bryan Mills, KL2XM Bob Behrends, and KL2XN joanie Behrends, and Stephen Phillips KL4DL.

The Reading of our Purpose

Approval of Agenda

Moved: Bryan; Second: Katherine to approve the December 14, 2015 agenda with an addition of “Mysterious Traffic” to New Business. Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of Minutes for November 9, 2015  

Moved: Stephen; Second: Bryan to approve the November 9, 2015 minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report  

Bob handed out the financial summary of 2015. The year started with $ 330  and ended with $226. Major income was CARC dues. Major expenditures were ARRL memberships, IRLP board purchase, and CARC badges.

Communications :  AL4O in Valdez (Larry)

Larry Hodges (AL4O) emailed joanie asking if CARC would be interested in a repeater between the two communities. He has a possibility of helicopter time being donated to the cause.

Committee Reports  None

Emergency Coordinator Report  None. Ralph was out of town. CARC did participate in the “Almost Santa” ARES drill on Saturday December12, 2016. We were unable to contact anyone via Pactor.

Unfinished Business

  1. IRLP Node Update…Bryan and Stephen considering moving the node back to the repeater. Took it off the repeater due to the interference this summer. Seems that interference is gone. Put it back? Yesterday Bryan put it back with limited results. Need to adjust the settings. Radio and repeater and node all talking well together. Could sign in and out of nodes successfully, etc.  After checking it, he took it back off.

But this morning, when Stephen keyed up the node, it would not stop keying.

Stephen mentioned we need to do something about the case up there. Maybe just mount the mother board to the wall? Or change to raspberry pie? We do need to clean it up.  Need to check if it is getting warm. Need to get a small fan for it, right on top.  Joanie suggested we set a time to go up there?  We will do it in January.

Bryan also mentioned that  we  might want to check on the extra antenna there….if no one is using it, perhaps CARC could.

  1. Repeater ID update  Stephen reported that the disc to program the repeater was corrupt. Joanie went to Articom in Anchorage and they gave us a USB that has the software we need. Stephen has the correct cable and will go up there again when he gets a chance.  

  2. License Exams and Classes  

It was decided to schedule classes to assist folks in taking the exams ….after January 1st.

  1. Club Patches- how to distribute, cost, etc.  

Options discussed: 1) Pay $8  2) Or…Pay $10 , so we don’t lose any $ money in the process.  No action taken.

  1. Club Liability Insurance- report from Stephen Stephen checked into the insurance. Fidelity quoted $460 annually …for $2,000,000 coverage (covers only equipment failure and little bit of medical)  ARRL is $200 annually and has $2,000,000 coverage, including coverage for officers and liability.  No action was taken.

Then, a related discussion of “what the dues should be?” ensued. ARRL membership goes up to $49 next year.  Options discussed included 1) remain the same, $50 annually  2)  $10/month over the course of the year (total $120 over time) , which would include ARRL membership  …with an option to pay $100 for both memberships. The idea of $10/month was to make it financially easier that a lump sum.

  1. Non-Profit IRS Status  This was not done. Katherine determined she would print out the application and distribute the parts that each, best qualified person, should fill out.

New Business

  1. Executive Board Meeting - Planning, transfer of records, etc.

There will be a meeting next Monday, December 21st for the new board members. 6:30-8:30 PM. We talked about ordering Pizza too.

  1. Where do we go from here?  Postponed from last meeting!  CARC members chose training they wanted at the last meeting…but did not address what the upcoming GOALS would be.

  2. Club Assets Spread Sheet

Done. Joanie will add the Pactor IIPro and the Pactor cable to the inventory

  1. Possible “new used” computers for CARC?  

Possible?  Yes. Stephen will be checking with his company to see it CARC may be able to acquire a couple of their unused computers.

  1. Possible Repeater to Valdez  

Members got on speaker phone with Larry Hodges from Valdez. He explained that he was able to potentially acquire some helicopter time and was in the beginning stages of researching the possibility of putting a repeater on Naked Island. Bob stated it was one of the best place in the Sound for repeaters and that the land used for that purpose out there was coveted. It is also expensive for power out there so it was decided that the best way would be to ask to potentially “piggyback” on one of the other entities out there.

  1. “Mysterious Traffic”  Bryan reported that, as he was listening in on his radio Sunday night, he overheard (on 152.575) a private telephone conversation. Full volume. Full signal. There is a concern that landline usage may be going out over the radio frequencies. It was decided to mention it to Jason for his input.

Good of the Order- ID Badges

A badge was given to Katherine Mead.