Minutes of the Cordova Amateur Radio Club regular meeting on 5/9/2016.

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL4AF Bryan Mills, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DM Rheo Reroma.

After confirming the requirements and presence of a quorum, CARC president KL4DL Stephen Phillips called the meeting to order at 7:16pm.

Stephen read the Purpose from the club constitution. He noted that he thought the one that KL2XN often reads during meetings is slightly different from the one that’s in the constitution. It was agreed that we should check on the Club Purpose document that KL2XN has to determine if there are any differences.

Motion by KL4AF to approve agenda. KL2XZ seconded. Unanimously passed.

KL2XZ pointed out that Stephen’s call sign was listed twice on the 2/9/16 minutes attendance list. Those present noted the typo.

Motion by KL4AF to approve minutes. KL4DM seconded. Unanimously passed.

Since treasurer KL2XM was not present, there was no official Treasurer’s Report, although KL4AF noted that he had checked the balance earlier in the day at the request of KL2XM, and the balance was between $700 and $710. The exact balance was not known. KL4DL mentioned that the balance was higher than he had thought; KL4AF said that he had not yet paid his dues for the year, and that the balance would soon increase by that $50.

There were no known received Communications. KL2XZ said that he was unable to check the PO box with KL2XN out of town. Others present indicated they were unaware that we had a PO box. KL4AF asked if we could find out what our PO box number is.

There was a brief discussion of our letterhead and that it should be revised and simplified. It was agreed that this was not a high priority, but that we should add the letterhead revision to a future meeting agenda.

KL4DL noted that there are no active committees; there was no Committee Report.

Emergency Coordinator KL1AL was not present, so there was no Emergency Coordinator Report.

Those present discussed the upcoming Cascadia Rising exercise (http://www.wastateares.org/cascadia-rising) and the dates of the exercise, June 7-10. KL4DL said that he would try to find out about the ARES conference call to attend tomorrow night (5/10/2016). His goal is to learn how and when CARC can participate in Cascadia Rising.

Unfinished Business


Based on troubleshooting of the IRLP node’s unreliability, KL4DL is confident that either the Network Interface Controller (NIC) or the IRLP node computer needs to be replaced. KL4AF explained that the NIC is the hardware interface into which a network cable is plugged for Ethernet connectivity. It was agreed that since the NIC is an easily obtainable and inexpensive part, we should try replacing it as our next troubleshooting step.

Motion by KL2XZ to buy a NIC. KL4DM seconded. Unanimously passed. KL4DM will buy the NIC with informational assistance from KL4DL. He will submit receipts for the purchase to be reimbursed by the club.

KL4DL said that he may still need to be reimbursed for the supplies he purchased in relation to the WL7CXF repeater maintenance. He will check on this and report back to the club.

Repeater Auto-Identification

Regarding the WL7CXF repeater ID update, KL4DL confirmed that we are certain that the repeater’s software will allow auto identification. Making the configuration changes to the repeater software will require a visit to the repeater site at the top of Ski Hill.

It was agreed that club members would make a trip up the Hill on Saturday May 21, 2016 at 10am for the purposes of updating the repeater configuration to identify itself according to FCC requirements. KL4DL will contact David Bradshaw to see if he’s available to run the chair lift. KL2XZ will find out about the availability of Fire Department four-wheelers for the morning with the assistance of KL2YE. Notes taken during the meeting do not indicate whether or not these agreements were moved or voted on.


ARRL insurance is less than $2 per $100 insured per year. KL2XZ says W4RAA has said that’s “as good as it gets.” Liability insurance is another story. KL4DL will reevaluate the liability quote from Fidelity / ARRL to find out more about what it covers.

Non Profit IRS Status

The club’s constitution lacks a Conflict Of Interest (COI) clause. One of the first steps to being eligible for 501(c)(3) status is to address this COA issue.

KL4DL said that he is familiar with COI policies, and he volunteered to draft COA language for voting by the club. Will continue the discussion of the nonprofit status at next meeting.


There has been discussion in the past about expanding club access to Echolink. KL4DL and KL4AF agreed together that the IRLP setup can simultaneously support IRLP and Echolink operation. Solving the IRLP connectivity issues will allow further action re: Echolink.

Monday Night Nets

There is not yet a proposed schedule for who will act as Net Control on our Monday Night Nets.

KL4DL suggested that the order of call signs in the roll call portion of the net control script could be reordered and prioritized to have more active and regularly participating members be near the beginning of the list read. Below to-be-determined threshold, member call signs would not be called by the Net Control operator.

KL4AF suggested that maintaining the list and ensuring that various Net Control operators have the most recent list for roll call may introduce unnecessary complications to the Monday Night Net. When participating in IRLP nets, we have observed that many of the nets use an open call for checkins instead of a roll call format. In this format, the Net Control operator calls for checkins, then waits for other operators to transmit their call signs. After a reasonable period of time, the Net Control operator acknowledges the call signs heard and allows any operators who were missed (either by waiting or being walked on) to repeat their signs.

Motion by KL4AF to adjust the NET script to replace roll call with a call for CARC member checkins. KL4DM seconded. Unanimously passed.

Club Web Site

There has been interest expressed in the development of a CARC web site. Members have pointed out examples of other club sites to potentially emulate.

None of the members present expressed any opposition to the idea. KL4AF did mention that while the club does have a Facebook page, we haven’t really done much with it yet. It was noted that the content on a web page would be different than the type of content typically found on Facebook. KL4DL stated that a CARC web page would likely contain mostly static pages with information that does not need to change on a frequent basis.

KL4DL has also expressed a willingness to secure a domain name for the club and hosting for a future CARC web site. KL4AF mentioned that even if we’re not yet sure of what we’d like to put on a site, there’s no compelling reason to delay securing the domain name and hosting.y

Bryan moves to instruct Stephen to purchase WL7CXF.org and CordovaAmateurRadio.club and hosting. Dick second. Unanimous.

General test:

June 22nd 7pm – Joanie will need to email and get VE’s ready if possible. Will try to offer extra. Bryan will notify. Publicizing outside the club requires a solid date.  Bryan will want to become a ve for technician as well.

Good of the order: turn on your radio.

Bryan move rheo 2nd adjourned.