Monday, September 12 , 2016

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.

  1. Program – Ralph to discuss history of radio.  

Ralph actually presented his HAM history at the end of the meeting. THANK you Ralph!

  1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order @ 7:20 PM

  1. Roll Call

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, KL4HF James Thorne, and KL2XN Joanie Behrends

  1. The Reading of our Purpose

Joanie read the Purpose.

  1. Approval of Agenda for September 12, 2016 ralph, dick

Moved: Ralph; Second: Dick to approve the September 12, 2016 agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Approval of Minutes for August 8, 2016 joanie and Katherine with change of Bob

Moved: joanie; Second: Katherine to approve August 8th minutes.  Motion passed unanimously Bryan to approve July 11th minutes.  Motion passed unanimously, including a correction (Had Bob’s name in the approval of minutes, when it was supposed to be James).

  1. Treasurer’s report

Bob was not available for a report

  1. Communications

Bryan received an emails regarding COMEX and MARS and joanie read it at the meeting. MARS tries to include local HAMS in their exercises and the next one is on Halloween. The email was reaching out to CARC to participate.

Joanie then reported that she had been a part of a state meeting. Homeland Security has spearheaded an effort to bring HAM into the SEOC (State Emergency  Operations Center). They discuss numerous issues, all communication related.

  1. Committee Reports

There are currently no committees.

  1. Emergency Coordinator Report

The monthly ARES conference call will be tomorrow @ 6:30 PM. Ralph said he forgot to attend last month,There will a large scale drill coming up September 24th. There was some discussion regarding if we can participate?  10 am- 1 pm.

  1. Unfinished Business

  1. It was decided to put this on a pending agenda~ 2 months from now.

  1. New Business

    1. Visitors rescheduling…. Jordan Murdoc  was unable to visit this past month and Pete Marsh still wants to come from Anchorage. We discussed he may be able to help us put up some stations,  discuss digital interface stuff, etc. We will  talk about  this @ October meeting again …and joanie will get some potential dates from Pete.

    2. Activities for September/October…contact Pete for Oct. or Nov. ,  Sept 24th ARES drill possibly?, and the MARS drill on Halloween

    3. Website: Stephen will be losing Bluehost contacts.  So, as a club, we will need to buy a domain.  Wl7CXF is the domain and “” is the email.  The domain will be  $11/year. Hosting: maybe add to our CARC hosting to Stephen’s?  His is with Dream House hosting. Website issue: it was decided to table to later date …put it on a pending agenda, ~ 6 months from now.

  1. Good of the Order

    1. Turn the radios on!

    2. Remind owners of program material to prep before meetings. Joanie will remind us.

    3. Joanie mentioned that there were no Communications awards from the SHSP grant that was sent to Homeland Security earlier this year. The City had asked for $ to put together a Comms trailer.

  1. Next Meeting Time

    1. Schedule Next Meeting…October 10th 2016 7:00 PM

  1. Adjournment

 Moved: Katherine; Second: James to adjourn @ 8:21 PM. Passed unanimously.