Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.


  I.  Program – Getting back on track with programming: a  DISCUSSION J

It was decided to plan for only a few months in advance:


February   Soldering Intro (Stephen)  buy flux and PCV boards?

March   Soldering…build a FOX for Fox Hunt


ALSO part of this discussion was:

***Ralph would like to see a HAM comms portion in local Search and Rescue.

***Emergency Comms class?

***Should we inspect repeater coax?

***Weekend trip to mountain?? In Jan./Feb.


  II.  Call to Order  

Meeting called to order @ 7:58 PM


  III.  Roll Call

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, KL2XN Joanie Behrends, KL2XM Bob Behrends, KL4AF Bryan Mills, KL4DM Rheo Reroma, KL4HF James Thorne, and KL4FE Mark Meredith.


  IV.  The Reading of our Purpose

Stephen summarized the Purpose.  We couldn’t find a copy of Purpose.


  V.  Approval of Agenda for February 21, 2017 

Moved: Meredith; Second: Thorne to approve the February 21, 2017 agenda. Motion passed unanimously.


  VI.  Approval of Minutes for January 17, 2017

Moved: Meredith; Second: Thorne to approve January 17th minutes with corrections done by Katherine.  Motion passed unanimously.


 VII.  Treasurer’s report

a.  No reports


VIII.  Communications  - None


  IX.  Committee Reports – None

a.  There are no standing committees to report. 


  X.  Emergency Coordinator Report

a.  There is an ARES drill in March:  “MARCH HARE” 100+ folks in OR and WA will be participating.  Date towards April 1st

b.  One of the ARES members were involved in the CA dam crisis and gave a 30 minute update about the CA dam.



  XI.  Unfinished Business

a.  Finding Transmitter for Fox Hunt …we will MAKE one!  “FOX in a BOX”

Need to decide either to buy a fox in a box or build one.  Stephen would like to do both.  The “Fox in a box” is around a $100 premade.  To buy a kit to build is around 15 to 30 dollars.  There is a really cool one for $30.  Stephen recommends to buy one premade and buy 3 or 4 kits.  M/ Bullis S/Meredith to buy the premade “Fox in the Box” and buy 3 or 4 kits.  Motion passes.

b.  Node update (Stephen)

More than likely there is water in the coax.  We need to go up there sometime after March 12th and clean it up.  The Node works if you are on ski hill and very intermittently.  Stephen will email to determine date.



 XII.  New Business

a.  HAM radio test March 27th.  There will be practice sessions for the general test before test date. 


XIII.  Good of the Order

a.  Stephen would like to update constitution to have President and Vice President have a two year term not one year.  James suggested having the President and Vice President have alternating start years.

b.  Turn on your radios.


XIV.  Next Meeting Time 

a.  Monday, March  13th  7:00 PM


 XV.  Adjournment @ 8:55 PM Katherine moved to adjourn at 8:55 pm. Meredith seconded. Unanimously passed.