Monday, March 20, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.



  I.  Program – Getting back on track with programming: a  DISCUSSION J

IRPL – Mike Hicks 12 minute youtube video on nano nodes


  II.  Call to Order  

Meeting called to order @ 7:30 PM


  III.  Roll Call Stephen, Bryan, Mr. Groff, Ralph, Michael, Katherine, James, Natalie did radio call in, Jayleene Garrett

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, KL4AF Bryan Mills, KL4HF James Thorne, KL2YE Michael Hicks, KL4HE Natalie Webb did radio call in, and Jayleene Garrett.


  IV.  The Reading of our Purpose

Mead read the Purpose.


  V.  Approval of Agenda for March 20, 2017 

Moved: Hicks; Second: Mead to approve the March 20, 2017 agenda. Motion passed.


  VI.  Approval of Minutes for February 21, 2017

Moved: Hicks; Second: Mills to approve February 21, 2017 minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.


 VII.  Treasurer’s report - None


VIII.  Communications  - None


  IX.  Committee Reports – None

a.  There are no standing committees to report. 


  X.  Emergency Coordinator Report

a.  There is an ARES drill in April 1st from 10 am to 1 pm will use all manner of means and frequencies, voice and winlink, using RMS and P2P.  All traffic to the “SEOC” will go to KL7JFU since SEOC doesn’t play, but we still need to follow our procedures.

b.  Plans for ARES drill April’s Fools: meet in two locations; set up at 9 am to 9:30 am; Joanie’s house - digital and Fire Hall substation – voice and CW.


  XI.  Unfinished Business

a.  Missing Transmitters for Fox Hunt …we will MAKE one!  “FOX in a BOX”

b.  Domain Name and Site/E-mail  Update (Bryan )  Most recent change was creating an email account for Stephen , at his request.  If anyone wants one, let Bryan KNOW.  Bryan needs to update the IRLP database…and needs to add the club email. The IRLP is working GREAT!  9109…easy to find folks to talk to.  Bryan wants to be surprised…and so does Stephen and actually HEAR some CARC members in the node.

c.  Test on March 27th Technicians 5:30 pm – Jayleene and Cody (maybe), Tori Baker, Bret Bradford, and Generals 7 pm– Mark Meredith, Katherine Mead, James Thorne,  Natalie, Michael Hicks, Stephen and the Alexandria



 XII.  New Business

No News.

XIII.  Good of the Order

Katherine lost her phone, please text your name to her phone so she has your contact again.


Chief – please carry your radios and use your radios, become familiar with your radio.  When an emergency happens we need to know how to use the radios.


Mr. Groff – anybody can be an ARES operator and do not need to belong to a group.  You need to belong to a group for RACES.  A county is usually in charge of operations for RACES groups.  CARC would need a letter from city manager for Letter of Understanding for RACES.


James – Trivia game while doing check in.  Hicks approves.  Everyone likes it.  Hicks will make the rules.


Kathrine moved to adjourn at 8:28 pm. Bryan seconded. Unanimously passed.



XIV.  Next Meeting Time 

a.  April 10th 7:00 PM


 XV.  Adjournment @ 8:28 PM