Monday, April 10, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.



  I.  Program – Getting back on track with programming: a  DISCUSSION J

Repeater in the box – Stephen Phillips 

We will make a repeater in the box for the next meeting.


  II.  Call to Order  

Meeting called to order @ 7:37 PM


  III.  Roll Call Stephen, Mr. Groff, Ralph, Katherine, Bob Behrends, Joanie Behbrends, Natalie and Carolyn did radio call in, Jayleene Garrett

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, KL4HE Natalie Webb did radio call in, KL4AE Carolyn Roesbery, did radio call in, and Jayleene Garrett.


  IV.  The Reading of our Purpose

Joanie Behrends read the Purpose.


  V.  Approval of Agenda for April 10, 2017 

Moved: Bob Behrends; Second: Mead to approve the April 10, 2017 agenda. Motion passed.


  VI.  Approval of Minutes for March 20, 2017

Moved: Garrett; Second: Mead to approve March 20, 2017 minutes.  A Thank you to Katherine for doing minutes last couple of meetings.  Motion passed unanimously.


 VII.  Treasurer’s report –

a.  Bob Behrends read the financial report

  i.  Members who have renewed are:  Katherine Mead, Bryan Mills, Richard Groff, Bob and Joanie Behrends.

  ii.  As of 3/21/2017 checking balance is $608.39


VIII.  Communications  - None


  IX.  Committee Reports – None

a.  There are no standing committees to report. 


  X.  Emergency Coordinator Report

a.  No report this month.  The April 1st April Fools ARES event will be covered in new business.


  XI.  Unfinished Business

a.  Fox Hunt Update – Stephen Phillips

  i.  The company Stephen Phillips dealt with about the Fox Hunt pieces turned out to be a scam.  The company not only did not send the parts and take Stephen Phillips money, they double charged Stephen Phillips.  Stephen Phillips will look for other companies and have Bob Behrends charge the club card for the parts.

b.  NODE update (Stephen Phillips) -  Phillips wants to go to the snack shack and fix the antenna.  Phillips was thinking of this Friday or sometimes this weekend.  The Nano node would probably be better from the police building to the repeater and will need an antenna and radio.


 XII.  New Business

a.  Ham Radio test (Joanie Behrends) – was a great showing.  Four people passed the general out of six people.  One of the people who failed only failed by one point.  Jayleene Garrett passed her technician’s tests.


b.  ARES Report (Ralf Bullis) – Ralf and Dick tried to get contact with EOC.  First try was very bad connection.  After working on the wires and such, they were able to get voice contact with EOC.  Bob and Joanie Behrends used the Pactor computer.  The Pactor did not work the day of the drill but worked well the next day.  Joanie read the emails sent during the drill.  The bands were mainly dead.  The bad propagation was the main reason for the dead bands.  The next morning the Pactor worked just fine.  Bullis reminds us all to write down the little details.  Any and all details maybe useful.  Phillips thinks we should have local ARES drill for practice.  Everyone seems to like the idea of local ARES practice.


XIII.  Good of the Order

Stephen Phillips bought an antenna and showed it off. is a great place to buy wire.  They are reasonably priced and they ship to Alaska.


Congratulations to everyone who passed the Technician and General Test. 


Kathrine moved to adjourn at 8:39 pm.  Bob Behrends seconded. Unanimously passed.


XIV.  Next Meeting Time 

a.  May 8th 7:00 PM


 XV.  Adjournment @ 8:39 PM