Monday, May 8, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 7 p.m.



  I.  Program

  I.  Discussion on repeater in a box (draft up design)…program moved to the END of the evening.

  II.  Call to Order 7:07 pm

  III.  Roll Call

Meeting called to order @ 7:13 PM. Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL2XN Joanie Behrends, KL2XO Toni Bocci, KL4LF Jayleene Garrett, KL4AE Carolyn Roesbery,  KL4HF James Thorne, and KL2YA Jonathan Syder.  (WELCOME BACK Jon!)Visitor Dana Smyke also attended.


  IV.  The Reading of our Purpose

Joanie Behrends read the Purpose.


  V.  Approval of Agenda for May 8, 2017  

Moved: James Thorne; Second: Carolyn Roesbery to approve the May 8, 2017 agenda as modified (move program to the end of the evening) . Motion passed.


  VI.  Approval of Minutes for April 10, 2017 

Moved: Toni Bocci; Second: James Thorne to approve April 10, 2017 minutes.


VII.  Treasurer’s report- none 


VIII.  Communications

  I.  VE info from Jim Wiley. Jim Wiley asked all VEs to send in any paperwork from testing after 3/1/17. FCC is having some problems with their database. It was determined that the Anchorage VE’s will send in the paperwork from our last test. Joanie will confirm this.

  II.  Potential visit from Mikhali- Tonni Bocci received email from Mike Zavarukhin, a HAM who is setting up radio equipment in PWS. She asked if he would consider coming to train CARC and he is amenable. CARC members chose Aug 29th as the date for the training. Joanie will contact him to confirm and reserve the training room.

  III.  Rheo  and Amber had their baby today!! This info came during the meeting (via text) to Dana Smyke, who share it with members

  IV.  From Ralph: Ralph brought an awesome radio jacket. He can no longer use it and presented it to Jayleene J


  IX.  Committee Reports none


  X.  Emergency Coordinator Report  Ralph reported that 1) tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th @ 6:30 pm, is the ARES conference call (so joanie sent out the teleconference number to members) and 2) the band conditions are BETTER. They have been GOOD recently. Both joanie and Ralph have been able to get on. Joanie was able to check in with the Motley Crew (3933 @ 2100) the night before the meeting.


  XI.  Unfinished Business

  I.  Transmitter for Fox Hunt update (Stephen) He could not find a reputable source to get a transmitter…so alternatively, tonight, we will see if the repeater in box works as a transmitter.

  II.  Ski Hill Node update (Stephen)  CARC will be turning it off in the next day or so because of the new nano node that is up. Depending on how the nano node works, we will see if we decide to eventually take it down. Stephen will shut it off tonight.

  III.  Nano node update (Mike)  It will be up and running in a day or two. He just needs Stephen to turn off the Ski Hill Node.  If it works correctly, we will be on everything via our repeater system.

XII.  New Business

  I.  Out Door Fun (Stephen)

  i.  Some Saturday or Sunday in the future…We all agreed that we would like to do  a fun training. Maybe the Foxhunt…or a  disaster drill .

  ii.  ARES drill like event? Will find out about it tomorrow on the ARES teleconference call.

XIII.  Good of the Order  Turn on your radios !!!

XIV.  Next Meeting Time

  I.  June 12th 2017

XV.  Adjournment

Jayleene moved to adjourn at 7:43 pm.  Toni seconded. Unanimously passed.


XVII.  Program:  REPEATER in a BOX

Ralph showed us a radio he had that has a cross-band repeater. He and Stephen successfully created a transmitter for the FOXHUNT with the radio. GREAT JOB guys!

Basically, members will find the transmitter in Cordova, as a competition.

The FOX will transmit on 2m 144.500


Control will be on 70 cm 446.500


DATE of the Foxhunt will be next MONDAY, May 15th…meeting at the hospital parking lot….hunting in Odiak Slough!  FUN!!!