Cordova Amateur Radio Club Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2017

Call to Order

President KL4DL Stephen called the meeting to order at 8:06 p.m.

Roll Call

Present were (alphabetically by call sign):

·  KL1AL Ralph Bullis

·  KL2XZ Dick Groff

·  KL4AF Bryan Mills

·  KL4DL Stephen Phillips

·  KL4DN Kathryn Mead

·  KL4FE Mark Meredith

·  KL4HF James Thorne

·  KL4LF Jayleene Garrett


The purpose was read by KL4AF Bryan.

The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communications, the furtherance of the public welfare, the advancement of the radio art, the fostering of education in the field of electronic communications, and the dissemination of knowledge and information of the Amateur Radio Service. The Club is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


Approval of Agenda

KL2XZ Dick proposed an addition to the agenda re: net control script language.

KL4DN Kathryn proposed an addition to the agenda re: net control schedule.

Amendments were unanimously approved.

KL4FE Mark moved to approve the agenda with amendments.

KL4AF Bryan seconded.

The agenda was unanimously approved.

Reading of Minutes

The previous meeting was held in July. The members did not have ready access to the meeting’s minutes, so the reading was skipped.

Treasurer’s Report

As treasurer KL2XM Bob was not present, the treasurer’s report was provided by KL4AF Bryan.

The club’s checking account balance was reported to be $583.34, using information from the most recent statement dated 8/31/2017. Service charges totaled $4.25 on that statement.

KL4AF Bryan reported that the most recent deposit was $300.00 on February 13, 2017. The most recent purchase was on November 7, 2017 for nonprofit application fees.

After declaring a potential conflict of interest as a bank employee, KL4AF Bryan shared that the club could be saving $1 each month on service charges by switching to emailed statements instead of the current paper statement delivery option. It was noted that this was nearly 25% of the most recent service charge.

KL4HF James moved to have the club instruct KL4AF Bryan to have the bank email statements to the President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

KL4FE Mark seconded.

In discussion, KL4AF Bryan stated that the bank will only allow a single email address to receive statements, but that as administrator of the web domain, he could create a forwarding address that would allow a single email address to reach all three people at once.

The motion passed unanimously with KL4AF Bryan abstaining due to his potential COI.


There were no communications

Committee Reports

There are no active committees.

Emergency Coordinator Report

KL1AL Ralph reported:

The most recent ARES conference call was last Tuesday. Hurricanes were the big news of the call. As far as we can tell, ARES was not officially mobilized throughout the event but they were used for health and welfare contacts. (KL4AF Bryan had showed an example of this type of work during the Program before the business meeting: ARES operators were not needed for official emergency comms.

ARES is growing constantly with new stations going up and new operators becoming involved.

The next drill is a simulated emergency test (or SET) on Saturday October 7. Participants are to choose the most likely disaster for their area and then radiogram a relevant message in to the SECC (State Emergency Communications Center) via any available means. KL1AL Ralph invited all to the fire department substation at 9 or 10am on that date. KL2XZ Dick will be out of town. KL4DL Stephen said he wants to bring his own radio as well to see if it’s been damaged since he’s tried it with several antennas and it doesn’t seem to work.

KL1AL Ralph wants to begin planning an SET from the Cordova Center. Imagines that the library by the fireplace would be a great alternative communications center. He feels the space would be ideal for emergency power (generator from outside door) and antenna running (downhill shot from library to fire department building). KL1AL Ralph is asking for others to express their interest in such an exercise for this upcoming winter.

KL4HF James pointed out that during Alaska SHIELD exercises, the Cordova police dispatch “Radio In A Box” emergency communications solution was staged in that exact location, and he agreed with KL1AL Ralph that it was a good place for it. KL1AL Ralph was excited to hear this.

KL4DN Kathryn expressed concern about the simultaneous use of the space by dispatch and CARC in the event of an actual emergency. Members expressed their opinions that with all parties providing professional courtesy to one another, it would be unlikely to cause conflict.

Unfinished Business

Nano Node

Unable to address, as nano node owner KL2YE Mike was not present.


The Ski Hill IRLP node 7238 has been off the air for quite some time due to antenna issues. KL4DL Stephen said that if the nano node project did not make progress soon, he might be able to make repairs to the Ski Hill Node and get it back on the air.

New Business

Net Control Schedule

KL4DN Kathryn noted that the net control schedule had been exhausted. She will make a new net control schedule to share with the club.

Net Control Script Language

KL2XZ Dick pointed out that our net control script incorrectly states that the net is a “directed net” when it is not. He explained (and KL1AL Ralph confirmed) that a “directed net” is one in which the net control operator calls roll from a specific list. Current CARC net practice is to pause in the reading of the script for informal check-ins and acknowledgement by the net control operator. KL2XZ Dick explained that this is more accurately described as an “informal net.”

KL2XZ Dick moved to change the words “directed net” to “informal net” in the official CARC Net Control Script.

KL4FE Mark seconded.

The motion passed unanimously.

Club Elections

KL4DL Stephen reminded everyone that club elections are coming up soon. He suggested that the October meeting should include dinner and drinks to encourage more members to attend.

KL1AL Ralph moved to make the October meeting a potluck.

KL4FE Mark seconded.

The motion passed unanimously.

KL2XZ Dick shared from the club constitution that nominations are to be made during the October meeting and voting is to be held during the November meeting.

KL4AF Bryan asked if the constitution forbade voting by proxy or by mail prior to the actual November meeting date. KL2XZ Dick said that it is not addressed by the constitution.

Next Meeting Date

The next CARC meeting will be held October 16, 2017 at 7pm. It will be a potluck, and nominations for club offices will be made at that time.


KL4DN Kathryn moved to adjourn.

KL4FE Mark seconded.

The motion passed unanimously at 8:46 p.m.