Monday, October 16, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 6:30 p.m. Potluck, 7:00 p.m. Meeting


  I.  POT LUCK !  Yum…it was awesome. Thanks, Chief, for the bacon covered hotdogs!


  II.  Program There was no official program


  III.  Call to Order  Meeting called to order @ 7:04 PM.


  IV.  Roll Call

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL2XN Joanie Behrends, KL2XM Bob Behrends, KL4LF Jayleene Garrett, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL4HF James Thorne, KL4FE Mark Meredith, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, and KL2YE Mike Hicks.


  V.  The Reading of our Purpose

Joanie Behrends read the Purpose


  VI.  Approval of Agenda for October 16, 2017

Moved: Dick Groff; Second: Mark Meredith to approve the October 16, 2017 agenda. Motion passed.


 VII.  Approval of Minutes for September 18, 2017

Moved: Jayleene Garret; Second: Bob Behrends to approve September 18, 2017 minutes as read.  Motion passes.


VIII.  Treasurer’s report

Bob reported CARC balance on 9/29/17 to be $579.09


  IX.  Communications…from Bryan

Bryan Mills emailed his regrets today, for not attending the meeting (just got back home from travels )… and indicated that he would prefer not to be nominated for an office due to family obligations.  


  X.  Committee Reports

There are currently no committees.


  XI.  Emergency Coordinator Report 

Ralph reported that he and Mike participated in the latest ARES  exercise, which was last Saturday, October 7th.  Mike participated from his home and Ralph responded from the substation. Ralph is very pleased with the antenna @ the 4.5 mile substation. “It was a simple antenna to erect, but sometimes the simple ones work the best.” Messages were transmitted clearly in all modes, although there was no CW in this exercise. Ralph sent out a written report from the exercise, and also gave a synopsis at the meeting. During the exercise, he simulated a landslide near Shepherd Point and subsequent damage and fatalities in Cordova. He then sent repeated situation reports to Anchorage during the exercise, and had good conditions to do so. His last message requested responders to be sent to Cordova.


The following Tuesday, Oct 10th, ARES had the monthly teleconference. Ralph reported that, during that teleconference, he was singled out as having used “bad radio procedure”by reporting fatalities over the radio. He was told that amateur radios operators are not supposed to do that. ARES chair Linda Mullen mentioned she was going to check into that policy. Ralph suggested that maybe CARC write a letter about this policy.


Ralph also mentioned that Chief Hicks and Robbie Matson (DOT) are working on getting a cement pad out at the substation, so that CARC members can easily drive to the radio spot.  


 XII.  Unfinished Business

  I.  NANO Node: Stephen talked to Chief about it this month. Chief reports that “it is still broken” He is attempting to contact a new USCG HAM operator to help out with it, because he simply has had no time to work on it

  II.  IRLP Node: A time to go up the hill will be determined (and everyone invited to see the process); and we may be able to ask for a ski lift ride up the mountain.


XIII.  New Business

  I.  October Annual Meeting It was determined that the only thing that needed to be addressed in the annual meeting was the nominations for the 2018 officer slate

  II.  Fundraising movie possibility: Lights were dimmed and a trailer from the movie “The Wave” was showed and discussion about showing the movie as a fundraiser at the Cordova Center ensued. Ralph suggested showing the movie and possibly shooting our own trailer for public education and advertisement for the movie.

Ralph mentioned that this movie had a disaster premise that is a possibility in Cordova…a landslide creating a large wave. He suggested we should do a large-scale exercise simulating this scenario in Cordova. Joanie informed him that we used a scenario much like that, in 2014, for the disaster exercise AK Shield.

Kara Johnson, who has experience in showing movies at the Cordova Center, suggested that it’s tough to make much $ unless the show is a real blockbuster.  Katherine mentioned that money may be made through the concessions. After significant discussion, the subject was tabled for a later meeting. Someone said to turn the lights back on.

At this point, James made a motion that membership stay in the dark. J



  III.  Nominations for Officers 2018

  i.  President: No one was initially very interested in this position. Katherine Mead and Mark Meredith were nominated and Katherine asked to be removed when she was also nominated for the Secretary office.  Stephen closed the nominations after significant discussion.

  ii.  Vice President: Dick Groff was nominated for VP.

Moved: Katherine Mead; Second: Mike Hicks to close nominations for VP. Motion passes.

  iii.  Secretary: Katherine Mead was nominated for Secretary.

Moved: James Thorne Second: Jayleene Garrett to close nominations for Secretary. Motion passes.

  iv.  Treasurer: Bob Behrends was nominated for Treasurer.

Moved: Katherine Mead Second: Dick Groff to close nominations for Treasurer. Motion passes.

  v.  Master at Arms:  James Thorne was nominated for Master at Arms.

Moved: Mike Hicks Second: Katherine Mead to close nominations for Master at Arms. Motion passes.

  vi.  Members at Large: Natalie Webb and Jayleene Garrett were nominated for Members-at-Large.

Moved: Mark Meredith Second: Katherine Mead to close nominations for Members at Large. Motion passes.


Moved: Joanie Behrends Second: Jayleene Garrett to accept this slate of nominations that CARC has put forward… for the vote in November. Motion passes.


It was determined that next month, someone can now make a motion to “cast a unanimous ballot for the slate that was offered up in October” and the Officers can, then, be very easily voted in. This assumes no one wants to revise the slate.  


XIV.  Good of the Order

Stephen: Turn on your *** radios


Dick: Dick said he thinks we need to get more physical work done. He proposes to have a SHORT business meeting and MORE physical activity each month. Last month, Dick persuaded 4 people to make a HAM Radio presentation and reminded them of that

1)  Raspberry Pie: Bryan Mills

2)  Arduino (SERVOS microcontrollers) : Stephen Phillips

3)  Baluns; Mark Meredith

4)  Grounding and Bonding: James Thorne


Stephen is ready and will present next month.

We were also reminded that CARC has accomplished quite a bit this year…including  2 soldering classes …CARC first fox hunt….and numerous exercises with ARES


Chief Hicks mentioned he is working (with Natalie) on more radio related TRIVIA for Monday night checkins…possibly using “location” TRIVIA.



 XV.  Next Meeting Time:

Next meeting will be Monday November 13th, 2017 at 7 pm.


XVI.  Adjournment 

Moved: Katherine Mead; Second Mark Meredith to adjourn at 8:33 pm. Unanimously passed.




After adjournment, Ralph requested that we discuss buying a copy of The Wave