Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, 11/15/17,  7 p.m. Fire hall


Evening Program: Previous to roll call, with a variety of equipment Stephen Phillips gave an informative presentation on Servo Motors in linear or rotary and the non-profit Arduino open source electronic program in rotary or linear, using the Sketchpad program, plus robotics.

Call to Order /Roll Call

Meeting was called to order by outgoing President Stephen Phillips. Our mission statement was read.

Present were: KL1AL Ralph Bullis,  KL4AE Carolyn Roesbery, KL4LF  Jayleene Garrett, KL2XZ  Dick Groff, KL4HF James Thorne and KL4DL Stephen Phillips. 

(1)  After roll, and motion was presented on the floor by KL2XZ Mr. Groff to approve the evening’s agenda, seconded by Jayleene Garrett. No discussion. Vote passed.  KL1AL Ralph Bullis motioned to approve the minutes from last month’s meeting. Seconded by KL2XZ Mr. Groff.

(2)  Old Business: None.  New business:  President Phillips brought up a discussion of proposal submission and the process of submitting a proposal.

(3)  No Treasurer’s report, No Communications, No Committee Reports

(4)  Good of the Order:  Annual Elections were held:  Motion by KL4LF Jayleene Garrett on the floor to close and cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers cast in October. Motion seconded by KL4AE Carolyn Roesbery. Motion passed with no opposition with officers elected- President: KL4FE Mark Meredith. V.P. KL2XZ Mr. Groff and treasurer KL4HF James Thorne.

(5) Radio Trivia was discussed and it was decided informally that each check-in night Radio Net Control will provide 2 or 3 trivia questions (which can be shared or delegated), perhaps with prizes Quarterly.

(6) KL4DL Stephen Phillips will be taking over Net Control Nov 20th and Nov 27th for KL2XY Jason Fischer.  Month of Dec Net Control is: 

Dec 4th and Dec 11th

Dick Groff

Dec 18th and Dec 25th

Mike Hicks

Random digressive stories were told by KL1AL Ralph Bullis. Then a motion was made to adjourn by KL4LF Jayleene Garrett, and seconded by KL2XZ Dick Groff. Meeting was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.