Monday, December 18, 2017

CVFD Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


  I.  Call to Order  Meeting called to order @ 7:21 PM


  II.  Roll Call

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL2XN Joanie Behrends, KL2XM Bob Behrends, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL4HF James Thorne, KL4FE Mark Meredith, KL1AL Ralph Bullis, and KL2YA Jon Syder, and KL4AE Carolyn Roesbery.


  III.  The Reading of our Purpose

Joanie Behrends read the Purpose


  IV.  Approval of Agenda for December 18, 2017  

Moved: Katherine Mead; Second: Mark Meredith to approve the December 18, 2017 agenda. Motion passed.


  V.  Approval of Minutes for November 13, 2017  joanie read…bob and Katherine

Minutes were read by joanie Behrends. Moved: Bob Behrends; Second: Katherine Mead to approve November 13, 2017 minutes with correction and additions.  The minutes now read, “Motion passed with no opposition with officers elected- President: KL4FE Mark Meredith. V.P. KL2XZ Mr. Groff , Treasurer KL2XN Bob Behrends,  Secretary KL4DN Katherine Mead , Members at Large KL4LF Jayleene Garrett and  KL4HE Natalie Webb, and Sergeant-at-Arms KL4HF James Thorne.”

Motion passes.



  VI.  Treasurer’s report next month report…enroll in CARC…this last year $60…ARL was $49

Bob reported CARC balance on 11/30/17 to be $570.59. He also reminded members that annual dues are coming up next month. Dues this past year were $60. ARRL dues , if members choose to renew with them, are $49.

There was also a discussion about fundraising. Katherine explained that we are currently 501 (c)3

but do not have a gamine or raffle license. That is an additional process that we can do if we so choose.



 VII.  Communications  joanie reported

  I.  Kent Petty- new chairman of the Anchorage ARC VEC

Kent Petty, the new VEC organizer for ARC, contacted joanie via phone and email. He was reaching out to introduce himself , is going over the paperwork for all recent tests, and reluctantly indicated that there will now be a charge for HAM tests. He also described the process for that, which will all be online prior to the testing date. Carolyn requested the email be forwarded to the membership.

  II.  Kathleen O’Keefe- Cordova contact for testing

Kathleen is the testing coordinator for Cordova and was requesting we send the test kits back to her for updates. There are new “Green Sheets” to put in the testing kits, reflecting the new policy of charging for the test. Joanie sent them back and confirmed receipt of such.

  III.  Linda Mullen – ARES update

Linda forwarded an email that informs CARC of upcoming ARES changes, particularly the fact that each ARES group will now be registered on a national database. Joanie will also forward this email to membership.

  IV.  Bob Arnold …our Floridian buddy

Bob encouraged CARC to  get some electrons moving” so he can contact us. We wondered when the IRLP will be up so he can check in with us on Mondays.


VIII.  Committee Reports none

There are currently no committees.



  IX.  Emergency Coordinator Report   given at beginning

Ralph actually gave his report before the meeting started. He reported that the December ARES drill , Saturday December 9th, was quite successful with regards to contacts. He was able to make numerous voice contacts and hear morse code messaging too. He showed photos of the radio transmission site at the substation. There was some confusion during the exercise regarding the message form; CARC will do a training about messaging.  Exercise participants were able to successfully “Track Santa”!


He also shared some articles. One was about a recent incident in Icy Bay, which was much like “The Wave” scenario. It was fascinating. He also shared an article about Radio Etiquette.  Thanks Ralph!


  X.  Unfinished Business

  I.  NANO Node: Stephen thinks he may be able to work on the NANO Node this week.

  II.  IRLP Node: Stephen hopes to get up the mountain again soon. He thinks they have isolated the problem to a connector on the antenna. Ralph offered to help. Stephen also mentioned that we may want to look at replacing the repeater marine batteries (originally bought in 2013)


  XI.  New Business

  I.  “The Wave” Discussion …continued 

After some discussion, it was decided that CARC members will participate in the City-wide disaster exercise based on “The Wave”, which will take place in April.

  II.  HAM Radio testing…January as usual? 

It was decided to conduct a HAM test on February 26th. Joanie will follow up by contacting Anchorage about support for that testing date.


 XII.  Good of the Order  

CARC Badges were handed out to Stephen Phillips and Carolyn Roesbery.  Congratulations!

CARC also expressed sincere THANKS to Stephen Phillips for donating his time, for the past two years, as the CARC president!


XIII.  Next Meeting Time

Next meeting will be Monday January 8th, 2018. 7:00 PM


XIV.  Adjournment  

Moved: Katherine Mead; Second Mark Meredith to adjourn at 8:36 pm. Unanimously passed. Stephen then handed over the Presidency to Mark Meredith…and the meeting went into Executive Session.  Notes for Executive Session separate.


 XV.  Program: Transition of Power Discussion


Transition of officers and preparation for the next calendar year.

During the concluding months of each year, the incumbent Club Officers have a duty to promote the smooth transition of Club assets, accounts, documentation and files to their respective Club Officers Elect. Immediately following the elections of new Club Officers, the Officers Elect have a responsibility to meet in order to: <LU>

·  ·  Review the previous administrations accomplishments.

·  ·  Plan the upcoming years goals, objectives and overall activities of the new administration.

·  ·  The Treasurer Elect, with input from the incumbent Board of Directors, is responsible for preparing an annual operating budget for the upcoming administration’s term, based on all available data and anticipated expenses, to support the activities and obligations of the Club.  

·  ·  Determine and recommend the amount of the dues that will be required to maintain a balanced budget for the upcoming year by the December meeting. </LU>

·  ·  At the first general Club meeting of each year, the Club President will present a "State of the Club" report to the general membership, stating at least the: <LU>

·  ·  Current financial status of the Club.

·  ·  The new administration’s general plans for the upcoming year.

·  ·  The proposed operating budget for the year, and the membership dues required to maintain a balanced budget. </LU>

The general membership will then approve, reject, or modify the recommended budget and dues for the current calendar year.