Monday, January 08, 2018

CVFD Training Room – 7:00 p.m.


  I.  Call to Order  Meeting called to order @ 7:07 PM


  II.  Roll Call

Present were: KL4DL Stephen Phillips, KL2XZ Dick Groff, KL2XM Bob Behrends, KL4DN Katherine Mead, KL4HF James Thorne, KL4FE Mark Meredith, KL4LF Jayleene Garrett


  III.  The Reading of our Purpose

Stephen Phillips read the Purpose


  IV.  Approval of Agenda for January 8, 2018  

Moved: Stephen Phillips; Second: Jayleene Garrett to approve the January 8, 2018 agenda.  Amended agenda to add in new business the decision of membership.  Motion passed.


  V.  Approval of Minutes for December 18, 2017 

Moved: Stephen Phillips; Second: Jayleene Garrett to approve December 18, 2017.  Motion passes.


  VI.  Treasurer’s report

Bob reported CARC balance on 1/08/17 to be $566.34.


 VII.  Communications  None


VIII.  Committee Reports none

There are currently no committees.



  IX.  Emergency Coordinator Report  None  


  X.  Unfinished Business

  I.  Finalization of goals, objectives, and overall activities for 2018

Finalization of 2018 operating budget

 Moved: Stephen Phillips; Second Jayleene Garrett to approve Bob’s 2018 Budget as

presented including soldiering stations and bank fees.  Motion passed.


  II.  Finalization of 2018 membership dues amount

Moved: Stephen Philips; Second: Mr. Groff to secure membership dues at $60 a year. Vote was called.  Motion passed.


  XI.  New Business

  I.  Membership roster update

Moved: Stephen Phillips; Second: Jaylenne Garrette to outreach to past members who have not participated in the last two years and invited them back with a letter from the president noting goals and statements.  Vote called.  Motion passed.


 XII.  Good of the Order

  I.  Determine Next Program

Feb.  is Mark Meredith concerning Baluns

March is TBD

April is James Thorne concerning grounding


  II.  CARC presented Baefeng radio to Stephen Phillips for being CARC president for two years.  Thank you Stephen Phillips for your service.


XIII.  Next Meeting Time

Next meeting will be Monday February 5th, 2018. 7:00 PM


XIV.  Adjournment  

Moved: Katherine Mead; Second: Jayleene Garrett to adjourn at 9:36 pm. Question was called.  Unanimously passed.