By: Bryan | April 14, 2018

CARC Trainings and GOALS Review

January 2018





·  Launch EMCOM (Emergency Communications) training program

·  Learn to make and experiment with antennas

·  NVIS antennas

·  Build HAM radio gear/kits 

·  QRP Low power (altoid tins)

·  Foxhunt (plant a transmitter and go FIND it!)

·  Soldering class 

·  Intro to CW (Morse code)  practice 

·  ICS classes - communication forms

·  Join National Traffic System (NTS)

·  Responder Ready class do in 2019




·  Create Standing Goals

o  Support ARES Goals 

o  Keep it on the basic level

o  Assure Interoperability&...

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By: Bryan | July 16, 2017

Here is a report of CARC's participation in the July 8, 2017 ARES exercise.

Ralph (KL1AL) and Dick (KL2XZ) were the only two people available, it being summer in Cordova and most of the town is involved with commercial fishing or such matters. The two HAM’s set up a mobile station at the fire department substation about five miles out of town on the Copper River Highway.

Last winter CARC (Cordova Amateur Radio Club) installed a quarter-wave vertical antenna with a v-shaped fence for a counterpoise. It seems to be a pretty good antenna. The antenna is resonant on 3920 Mhz, so we initially made contact with Don Bush in the Valley. This was about 9:30 a.m.

After 10 a.m., we kicked off the exercise with a message. The message was sent using the ...

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By: Bryan | July 16, 2017

Here's a project CARC could initiate.
I decided that perhaps an HF antenna at the Fire Hall might be appropriate. I used my laser rangefinder and discovered that the distance from the top of the back outside stairs at the Fire Hall to an opening window on the top floor of the Cordova Center is 66 feet, which happens to be about the length of a quarter wave on frequency 3920 KHz, the main ARES HF frequency.
Upon further investigation I discovered that the opening window in the Cordova Center was located in room 325, the Education Room. It is the room between the library and the main concorse.
I suggest that we use that room as our headquarters during and emergecy. We would have good HF if the HF antenna works, which it might. We could rig up a ...

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By: Bryan | December 16, 2016

CARC will be hosting, for FREE, a HAM radio TECHNICIAN and/or GENERAL level exam:

DATE:    Monday, January 30, 2017
TIME:    7:00 PM
PLACE:    Fire Dept. Training room
COST:    Did we mention it is FREE?
HOW:    Study online for the test ( Then come take the exam.

Call Dick Groff 253-5542 for info. We will help you get started!

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By: Bryan | December 11, 2016

On November 9, 2016, the Internal Revenue Service approved the Cordova Amateur Radio Club as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. Among other things, this means that donations made to CARC are tax deductible, and we are able to donate to and receive donations from other nonprofit organizations.

Email for more information about the nonprofit status of the Cordova Amateur Radio Club.

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